Diverse experience providing exceptional insight regarding individualized objectives 
  • Quarterly Status Reports to CA Water Resources Control Board. 
  • Status and Trends Mapping and Methodology Report (SOP) for USEPA 
  • Management of Brine Discharges to Coastal Waters: Recommendations of a Science Advisory Panel
  • Annual Reports, procedure manuals, and fact sheets related to environmental research and water        quality management
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles for commissioned environmental researchers and collaborative institutions/agencies
Karlene Miller

     Editing — Formatting — Graphic Support
 Writing — Document Design — File Management 
Adaptive solutions for effective use of resources, document design, web content, and file management 
Detail-oriented, deadline-driven, cost-effective services with proven follow-through
Karlene has extensive and diverse experience in Orange County, California.

Previous collaborations include work with Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, the Legal Aid Society of Orange County, Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, the Orange County Business Journal, and Career Publishing.  

In addition to providing free-lance services, she has comprehensive document-design and file-management experience as a managing editor, curriculum-development experience as an adjunct English instructor, and community involvement experience as a volunteer coordinator for Heifer International and tutor for US Citizenship and Immigration Naturalization applicants.
COMPUTER SKILLS (Macintosh and PC)
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro (including track changes, markup tools, and text/image editing)
  • Oracle-based software for tax accountancy work-flow and engineering procurement processes and proposals
  • Teams, Zoom, Outlook, Google Docs, LexisNexis, Web of Knowledge, and EndNote
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
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Dynamic communicator with top-notch written/verbal communication skills and diplomatically tactful interpersonal intelligence.  Exceptional analytical ability, time management, and commitment to service. Extensive remote work experience, including response to public health COVID-19 precautions. Effectively anticipates needs and consistently meets or exceeds deadlines. Native English speaker and writer with ESL and educational-materials experience.
  • Commercial projects include: biotech market resource reports for investment capital group, newsletters, marketing collateral, press releases, policy/procedure manuals, instructional/learning material, local political campaign material, and book reviews
  • Advocacy projects include: editor for California Chapter 4, American Academy of Pediatrics Injury Prevention Program, contributing writer for Habitat for Humanity of Orange County newsletter, and editor for fundraising letters and collateral for Citizens Against Violent Crime
  • Book projects include: post-secondary textbooks for allied health professionals, professional psychiatric publications, contemplative spiritual journeys, and memoirs